9 Elements Spa & Reflexology

Cosmetic Acupuncture


Tiny sterile needles are inserted into the dermis layer of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin. Needles are also placed on the body to help promote blood flow to the face and treat underlying causes of accelerated facial aging from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective.

Acupuncture increases blood flow and circulation, improving the appearance of skin and stimulating collagen production in the local area. This then helps prevent the aging process and assists healing in general. By restoring balance in the body, acupuncture can promote health and beauty, treating the whole body – psychological and physical.

Cosmetic acupuncture benefits:

  • a more youthful appearance
  • reduces fine lines
  • gently helps define the jaw line, reducing the appearance of unwanted jowls
  • gently reduces the appearance of dark spots by evening out skin tone
  • skin complexion appears brighter, clearer and radiant
  • reduces in age spots
  • reduces puffiness and diminishes appearance of bags under eyes

Acupuncture is preventative and reformative. It is a safe, effective way to achieve an appearance of overall health and beauty. Cosmetic Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation is for everyone, from early signs of aging to the mature individual. Both men and women can benefit from Cosmetic Acupuncture.

We recommend that you get 2-3 treatments per week for a 4 week period, take a rest period of 3 weeks and then return for another 4 week period for the best results.

Note: Body sculpting and weight management can be incorporated into the session, on request.

Cosmetic Acupuncture (60-Minutes): $90.00*

*5th treatment 1/2 price, 10th treatment free


Think of this as a quick tune-up, rather like a mini-facial. Rather than sculpting particular areas, a more limited number of needles are applied to the face to encourage healthy skin tone and elasticity. Walk-ins are usually available, though you can book online to avoid disappointment. Please allow 20-30 minutes for your treatment.

Lunch-time Express Cosmetic Acupuncture: $25.00*

available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 12-5pm

*5th treatment 1/2 price, 10th treatment free


Acupuncture activates the Panasympathetic Nervous System which allows you to access deep relaxation and stress relief. The combination of acupuncture and reflexology can access the entire body to aid in the treatment of specific issues such as insomnia and chronic pain.

AcuReflexology (50-Minutes): $75.00

AcuReflexology (75-Minutes): $90.00

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture & Reflexology (75-Minutes): $100.00

All of our acupuncture treatments are performed by our Registered Acupuncturists, Janice & Thalia.