Registered Acupuncture

Private Room Acupuncture
Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using acupuncture for thousands of years to restore balance in the body, increase energy and relieve tension and pain. Small needles are inserted into certain parts of the body while you rest. Private acupuncture are for those who would like longer treatment times with complete privacy. This also allows for the needles to be inserted in the back of the body as you can like face down on the table.

First visit with assessment, approximate 75 min: $100
Follow up 60 min: $80
Add on Cupping: $30
Add on Gua sha: $30
Add on Chinese massage: $45

Community Acupuncture
This model encourages clients to share the same treatment room instead of a private room, which significantly lowers the rate of treatment fee.

Making your first appointment
Please arrive 15min before your appointment time to fill out the assessment form. You will go through it with the practitioner regarding your concerns and relevant information. Although you may have many conditions that you would like us to address, we try to focus on your main condition. Addressing many conditions at once may affect the result of the treatment. After the assessment, you will proceed to the common room for treatment.

What am I supposed to feel when the needle goes in?
You may feel tingling, heavy, numbing or tight sensation around the needle area. This is an indication that the corresponding energy channels is activated, which will lead to a better treatment result. At some rare time you may feel the sensation getting too strong to bear. We can always readjust the needle for your comfort. Just let us know or call out for help.

Treatment time
After you receive the needles, you will rest for about 30-60min, depending on the condition. We may come in once to adjust the needles during your rest. If you have a preferable time to leave, please let us know in advance.

Please wear loose clothes as we will need to roll up your sleeves and pants, usually up above the knees for legs and elbow for arms. If you have a shoulder problem, we encourage you to wear a tank top.

Room etiquette
As we share the room together with other people please remain as quiet as you can be. Thank you.

Before and after treatment
Don’t come in with a full stomach. You should have acupuncture treatment at least an hour after a meal. Snacks are encouraged before treatment.

First Visit with assessment 30 min: $50 (include $15 admin fee)
Follow up 30 min – sliding scale of $25 – $45
Add on Cupping: $30
Add on Gua sha: $30
Add on Chinese massage: $45
Reflexology and Acupuncture combination 60 min: $90