Meet Our Team

Relaxation shouldn’t be complicated. We take this principle to heart, which is why we opened Victoria’s first holistic health spa and tea bar. Below is the team that believe in the simple way to a healthier life.


Manager and Practitioner

Services Offered: Reflexology, Thai and Essential Oil

More than a decade ago after finishing my BSc., I traveled to Thailand and India to pursue my passion, yoga and massage. Ever since then, I’ve worked in Japan and Canada at various studios and spas, always learning and apprenticed talented teachers and trainers.

Now being a mother of two young girls, my life revolves around them, seeking a fine balance between a mom, a wife, spa therapist/manager and yoga instructor. It’s not easy but I enjoy every minute. I know first hand being stressed can manifest in many different issues in the body. My wish is to help the body relax so it starts to gain it’s natural ability to heal and recover. 9 Elements Spa offers the perfect services for that!

Favourite Quote: “What goes around comes around”



Services Offered: Reflexology, Thai and Essential Oil

I have spent many years in the fitness industry, first as a group exercise instructor and then personal trainer. I eventually found my way to yoga, where my interest in the mid-body connection and holistic healing grew. I obtained an MA in yoga and certification as a yoga therapist. Along the way, massage therapy became a natural adjunct in my pursuit to help people move towards better health. After 30 years in California I recently moved to the island, falling in love with the natural beauty and pace of life. I am still involved in the fitness industry and love to travel.



Services Offered: Reflexology, Head to Toe

I came to Canada in March 2016 to learn English. I was an ESL student and went to school for 10 months. After graduation, I was looking for a job in Victoria. Then I found 9 Elements Spa. I have enjoyed giving massages since I was a little child, which I often gave massages to my great grandmother. Being a hair stylist back in Japan, I am used to offer head and neck massage. Because I like to give massages I’ve taken many massage courses. My expertise is head, neck and shoulders. My wish is to help others relax and promote their well being.



Services Offered: Essential Oil, Reflexology, Chinese massage, Cupping

When I was a kid, it was a family joke that I was the one always to be found with my nose in a book. Over the years, I must have picked up every book on my parent’s bookshelf and read most of them, too! Amongst the eclectic selection were books on diet and nutrition, natural therapies, exercise, and even – if I recall accurately – one on massage. When I think about it, the origin of most big interests in my life is literary.
As an adult, I trained in classical music, and pursued this career for some years. However, when a serious injury forced me to reevaluate my path, massage and acupuncture training seemed a good fit. I taught yoga and studied various massage modalities in my hometown in Australia before moving to BC in 2015. Over the past two years, I have studied Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in Vancouver, and transferred to Victoria in the summer of 2017.
It is an immense privilege to connect with older, more traditional models of the human body and their paradigms of health and illness. It is also a great treat for me to put away my study books and work with real bodies. Touch is so powerful and cannot be overestimated as a tool for balance and integration.
And mostly, when I have time out, you can still find me in the sunniest corner with my nose in a book, a pot of green tea and dark chocolate nearby!