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Mayan Massage

New & Exclusive: Mayan Massage with Carolina

Royal Mayan Massage is a unique form of traditional massage which can best be described as ceremonial and energetic. If you would like support in releasing past events, personal patterns, and energetic blockages, this is a beautiful treatment to try.

Your massage experience begins with a ritual cleansing. Following this, pressure points on the body are gently massaged with a rocking motion, then connected through a snake-like pattern. Both front and back of the body are treated. The massage style is best described as gentle and relaxing. Deep pressure is not used, as the treatment functions mainly on an energetic level. The treatment lasts for 60 minutes. Expect to leave rejuvenated, light and as though you have been treated to an energetic detox!

Regular Price: $80

Introductory Offer (Feb-March): $70

We can’t keep worshiping the Sun if we don’t know the Sun. The Soul can be polished to take anything away, but not the remembrance. The Soul can be knead to embellish the remembrance.

Professor Hector Garcia