Our Services

We offer a full range of services that will cater to your specific relaxation needs. No treatment is better than the others, rather there may be treatments that are more suitable for the type of relaxation and release you are seeking.

REGISTERED ACUPUNCTURE can be done in a private setting or in our community chairs. Needles are inserted into your body after A consultation with our registered acupuncturist.

REFLEXOLOGY treatments are suitable for anyone and can easily be incorporated into a weekly or monthly routine. The treatment stimulates the nervous system to work better on its own and has lasting and stronger benefits when done frequently.

ESSENTIAL OIL MASSAGE is probably the most common form of massage and is suitable for anyone who is looking relief from specific muscle aches or pains.

THAI MASSAGE is excellent for anyone looking for a deep stretch and works primarily on the connective tissues of your body. It is often described as a form of assisted yoga. Flexibility is not required!

CHINESE MASSAGE is a deeper form of massage with many different techniques to relieve your tight areas. Some techniques involve rolling, kneading and palm pressure along your muscles. Cupping and Gua sha are also available.

RELAX & RENEW PACKAGES are also available. They combine a 40-minute reflexology session with a 50-minute Essential Oil Massage or Thai Massage. This amazing and comprehensive package is our most popular.

If you would like a recommendation based on your particular circumstances please feel free to contact us and our staff will be happy to assist you in selecting the best practice for your needs.