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Our Team


SERVICES OFFERED: Reflexology, Thai Massage, Essential Oil Massage, Facial Reflexology

Jeri has spent many years in the fitness industry as both a group instructor and a personal trainer. She eventually found her way to yoga where her interest in the mind-body connection and holistic healing grew. She obtained her MA in yoga and became certified as a yoga therapist. Along the way, massage therapy became a natural adjunct in her pursuit to help others move towards better health. After 30 years in California, Jeri made the move to Vancouver Island where she fell in love with the natural beauty and pace of life. When she’s not with us Jeri continues to be a part of the fitness industry and loves to travel.


SERVICES OFFERED: Reflexology, Essential Oil Massage, Facial Reflexology

Kumiko came to Canada from Japan in 2016 to learn English. After graduating from her ESL program she joined us at 9 Elements Spa. Kumiko has studied massage and reflexology in Japan and brings her own unique specialties to the practice. She considers her expertise to be in the areas of the head, neck and shoulders. Kumiko’s goal is to help others relax and promote their well being.


SERVICES OFFERED: Reflexology, Essential Oil Massage, Gua Sha, Cupping, Facial Reflexology

Janelle began practicing massage and acupuncture when a serious injury forced her to reevaluate her path in life. She taught yoga and studied various massage modalities in her home country of Australia before moving to Canada in 2015. Janelle continued to study both acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver before moving to Victoria in 2017. Janelle considers it an immense privilege to work with older, more traditional models of the human body and their paradigms of health and illness. She believes that touch is incredibly powerful and cannot be underestimated as a tool for balance and integration. An avid reader, when Janelle isn’t with us you can find her in a quiet, sunny place with her nose in a book. She loves green tea and dark chocolate.


SERVICES OFFERED: Reflexology, Essential Oil Massage

Formally educated as an Addictions Counsellor and a former hatha yoga instructor, Adrian has practiced bodywork and energy healing out of his home as well as at various retreat centres and events, developing in the process his own style of floor and table massage.  Along the way, he received his Reiki attunement and began practicing Qi Gong. He is developing his own body, mind, and spirit one day at a time. Committed to bringing his passion for healing to a deeper level, Adrian is currently studying to become an RMT at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, with the goal of creating a thriving life-long healing practice. He is honoured to be offering his particular flavour of massage and healing at 9 Elements Spa.


SERVICES OFFERED: Essential Oil Massage, Reflexology, Gua Sha, Cupping, Facial Reflexology, Traditional Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture

Thalia is a registered acupuncturist and an avid outdoors-woman. She grew up in Banff National Park surrounded by nature which ignited a curiosity about ecological processes and led to a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies at The University of Victoria. After some time and lots of yoga, she found her passion was exploring the internal environment of the body which led her to Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture. She graduated from Pacific Rim College in 2017. She uses acupuncture, massage, cupping and gua sha to restore the body’s innate intelligence to heal itself and sustain health and harmony.