9 Elements Spa & Reflexology


We offer a full range of services that will cater to your specific needs. No treatment is better than the others, rather there may be treatments that are more suitable for the type of relaxation and release you are seeking.


    • The sole of the foot has thousands of acupressure points which are connected to vital organs of the body. Reflexology is the natural massage practice to relieve pain, tension, and increase relaxation in the body through stimulating the reflex areas on the foot. This treatment is especially helpful for anyone with diabetes, high blood pressure, poor circulation and sleep quality. Reflexology has also shown effective results with migraines, back pain, hormonal imbalance, digestive problems, and stress-related conditions. Because it is one of the most holistic massage treatments, reflexology is safe and beneficial for almost everyone. Our treatments begin with a short foot soak at our custom foot soak station paired with a neck and shoulder massage. This is followed by a foot reflexology massage in our comfortable custom-made chairs.
    • Through a careful selection of essential oils, this style of full-body aromatherapy massage is designed to promote healing and create a feeling of well-being and ease in the recipient. Proficient techniques combined with essential aroma-oil blends will reduce muscle tension and quiet the mind. Massages are performed on our custom massage tables in our individual treatment rooms. Each therapist has their own training and style, so we encourage you to enjoy their unique gifts.
    • The 9 Elements-style Thai massage combines acupressure with assisted yoga postures and elements of Chinese Tuina. The process requires no oils or lotions and you are clothed during the treatment. While there is constant body contact between you and the practitioner, the focus is not on the rubbing of the muscles. Rather, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked for a deep-tissue massage. There are standard procedures and rhythms to the massage, which the practitioner will adjust to fit the receiver’s needs. This style of massage is performed on our custom flat Thai yoga mattresses and is very safe and gentle.
    • The human face consists of 43 different muscles most of which are controlled by the seventh cranial nerve (also known as the facial nerve). Tension in the muscles of the face contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and a lack of collagen production. Our facial reflexology treatments use various techniques and tools (such as the popular Jade Roller) to promote increased circulation of oxygen and increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Regular facial massage is proven to fight the signs of ageing and give skin that healthy, natural glow.
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using acupuncture for thousands of years to restore balance in the body, increase energy and relieve tension and pain. Small needles are inserted into certain parts of the body while you rest. Private and community acupuncture options are available.
    • Cosmetic Acupuncture combines the methods of traditional Chinese acupuncture with specialized facial and dermatological acupuncture to help heal and rejuvenate the both facial skin and body tissue. Cosmetic acupuncture works to enhance the appearance of your skin from the inside out and can be used to treat dull complexion, skin irregularities, wrinkles and cellulite to name a few.